Welcome to my Humanities Portfolio!

This subdomain is a compilation of some of the memorable and new pieces that I have done over the past year in this course. I have been working through continuous definitions of revolution and the humanities, revising works from both semesters, attending performances for a review, painting, writing new pieces for this portfolio, and researching a new topic for a research paper. Although difficult, it has proved to be a very rewarding process that has challenged me to do better than my best because it will have a greater audience than anything else I have done in the past.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Humanities Course, we have focused the last year on the word revolution. An important end piece for the course is our working definition of the word and our research paper that encompasses our definition. Revolution is an underlying theme throughout my portfolio as seen in both definitions, my non-textual something new, creative writing something new, and my research paper.

I hope you enjoy this grouping of works and appreciate their significance to the course!